Free on-site consultation with a humidity expert

Free on-site consultation with a humidity expert

If you want to explore your options for improving humidity control, our expert sales engineers will visit your site, review your facility and talk you through their recommendations.

There are frequently various strategies to achieve the ideal indoor humidity level. Some may involve installing humidification or dehumidification systems, but our experts may also be able to advise on simple changes to working practises, ventilation or temperature management that may be significantly impacting the indoor humidity.

  • A Condair sales engineer will visit your site, listen to your objectives and review your building with a specific focus on:

    • Ventilation - natural and mechanical
    • Temperature control
    • Air movement profile within the area
    • Application specific processes and activities within the area that may impact humidity
    • Sources of available energy

  • The sales engineer will guide you through the review process but it will be very beneficial if you could provide information on any mechanical ventilation currently employed at the facility, especially airflow rates.

  • The sales engineer will talk you through his initial findings on-site, but a more detailed proposal will follow shortly after the visit that will include:

    • An outline of the current thermodynamic profile of the area in question
    • A detailed calculation of how much moisture needs to be added or removed to achieve the desired humidity
    • Recommendations for actions to take to achieve the desired humidity
    • A costed proposal for any recommended humidity control systems

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