Condair EL electrode boiler steam humidifier

Condair has launched a newly developed electrode boiler steam humidifier that has longer lasting steam cylinders to reduce humidification maintenance requirements and operating costs. The Condair EL also incorporates the latest touch screen control technology, has BMS integration as standard and a high output of up to 90kg/h from a single unit.

This new humidifier is an economic yet reliable solution for either in-duct or direct air steam humidification. It is easy to install and operate with a straightforward service requirement of replaceable steam cylinders. When the steam cylinder becomes full of limescale, it is simply removed and replaced with a new one, thus minimising downtime.

To combat scale and extend the operational lifetime of the cylinder, the humidifier intelligently monitors the mineral levels in the system, keeping them at an optimum level. When the level becomes too great, a drain and refill cycle take place, with just the precise amount of fresh water needed to maintain the optimal mineral level. This is in contrast to other electrode boilers that use a timer controlled drain, irrespective of the system’s actual water quality.

By intelligently controlling mineral levels and dilution cycles in this way, limescale build-up is reduced, which extends cylinder life by up to three times longer than some other electrode boilers. Additionally, as water is being conserved, so is the energy required to heat the incoming fresh cold water, further reducing operating costs. This feature also improves humidity control, as the temperature in the tank remains more consistent, resulting in more accurate steam delivery.

The Condair EL incorporates the latest touch screen technology for intuitive operational control and advanced reporting. All settings and system data can be seen at a glance with detailed troubleshooting suggestions provided. The system has BMS connectivity included as standard with Modbus and BACnet protocols and LonWorks as an option. A USB connection allows operating and maintenance data to be recorded and downloaded for convenient analysis in Excel. An optional “Condair Online” feature also allows the system to be internet-connected for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting directly by Condair, thus potentially eliminating the need for an engineer to visit site to resolve issues.

This new humidifier incorporates a pumped drain to carry out drain and refill cycles rapidly while removing as much scale as possible. By speeding up dilution cycles, the water tank can be returned to temperature sooner, delivering the required steam output and improving the level of humidity control provided to the room or duct.

The Condair EL range includes models with maximum outputs of five to 90kg/h from a single unit with outputs of up to 180kg/h possible through master/slave configurations.

Other options include a drain water temper to reduce the temperature of the drain water and protect a build-ing’s pipe work, weatherproof housing for locating the unit outside, a floor-secured mounting rack and a pressure compensation set up to 10,000 Pa.

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