Condair MC evaporative humidifier & cooler

The Condair MC is an in-duct evaporative humidifier that provides low energy humidification and cooling. A single unit can offer up to 360kg/h of humidity and approximately 245kW/h of adiabatic cooling to an air handling unit.

The humidifier incorporates quality components, such as long-lasting glass fibre evaporative media and stainless steel construction. It has a PCB control panel and many integrated hygiene control features, such as anti-microbial impregnated media, UV sterilisation, and flush and drain cycles.

Intelligent design makes installation easy with modular construction and push-fit water connections.

Features and benefits

  • Hygiene features include automated flush and drain cycles, antimicrobial impregnated glass fibre media and optional submerged UV water treatment.
  • High quality evaporative cassette construction with 304 stainless steel frame.
  • Certified by the SP Institute of Sweden to be non-particle releasing and to fire rating Euro Class A2-S2-D0 (UL900)
  • Low energy, long-life pumps with magnetic impellors, which have frictionless motion, virtually silent operation and an extremely long service lifetime.
  • Multi-stage control as standard, with water supplied to the evaporative module in up to three stages.

Cooling & humidity control

Evaporative humidifiers provide around 0.68kW of adiabatic cooling for every 1kg of humidity absorbed by the airstream.

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