NKBD in-duct ultrasonic humidifier

The NKBD ultrasonic humidifier is designed for in-duct AHU applications, made of hygienic stainless steel and equipped with an auto-drain flushing system.

The mist flutes are made of plastic with integrated drip catchers. The unit has easy connections for water, drain and electrical supply. The NKBD series has automatic control of the water level, with protection features to avoid dry-running, overheating, overflow and issue with voltage peaks.

A single unit's output ranges from 3.6kg/h to 25.2kg/h. Several NKBDs can also be connected and combined to offer larger capacities, and can be mounted on adjustable racks.

Control is via standard modulating control signal e.g. 0-10 VDC, 0-10 mA, 4-10 mA and also available is MODBUS high level interface for building automation systems .

A reverse osmosis water supply must be used for consistent performance and hygienic operation.

An AquaDrain feature ensures hygienic operation by routinely flushing and draining the water tray and supply lines. This prevents water stagnation and protects against microbial growth.

Features and benefits

  • Offers very close control of humidity

  • Low energy operation

  • AquaDrain: integrated hygiene management for cyclical flushing of the water tank via pre-set parameters

  • Stainless steel construction

Low energy ultrasonic mist humidification

Ultrasonic humidifiers offer extremely low energy humidity control

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